Fantastic PANTELLERIA, volcanic daughter of the wind, a wild island to be discovered in all seasons, named the First National Park of Sicily.

Between Africa and Sicily, a unique place dominated by different elements, among them: the wind that never stops blowing, the sea water, deep and multicolored, the earth so rich and green, and the fire, which you can’t see it but it is still present in the subsoil …

Magic PANTELLERIA, Black Pearl of the Mediterranean,

that will conquer you and that you will carry in your heart forever.


Where Humanity is also a Heritage – First Sicilian Park, it occupies 80% of the island. In the uncontaminated Mediterranean scrub, a dense network of paths wind through holm oaks and pines, ideal for trekking and mountain biking enthusiasts. The variety of landscapes is linked to the volcanic nature of the island: lava flows, favare, thermal waters in the open sea and volcanic lakes. The archaeological areas are a museum spread throughout the territory: settlements dating back to the Bronze Age, megalithic tombs unique in the world, a late Punic Acropolis and a late Roman settlement from the 5th century AD. A wonderful and surprising mix of nature and history.

Download the Pantelleria Island National Park map here.