Cos'è ASSUD?

Assud is a food and wine project that was born in 2013 in Marsala. The exaltation of the products and cuisine of Southern Italy, the recognition of excellence in food and wine and a catering proposal that today sees Assud in three different Sicilian cities (Marsala, Palermo, Pantelleria) with projects that aim at different areas of excellence of southern catering: pizza, street food, catering in the classic sense.
5 activities (Assud Mozia (Marsala), Assud street food (Marsala), Assud Scruscio di Cicale (Marsala), Assud in Santamarina (Palermo), Il Mulino di Scauri (Pantelleria) and the partnership with Eataly that sees us engaged for several months year in the group’s stores around Italy and Europe make Assud a constantly evolving project.